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NovaTrans transports personal, household and commercial goods by sea, air and road. If you are unsure about how to pack your goods, NovaTrans will provide qualified export packers to help.

Our involvement in moving and transporting your goods is up to you. Some may ask for a complete door to door arrangement, where our crews in both the country of origin and destination take care of everything; others want only assistance in certain areas, such shipping or Customs clearance.
Whatever the extent of your needs, NovaTrans will provide you with the services that you request

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An example of what we can offer; our inspector comes to your home and assesses the volume of your shipment, at the same time carefully noting your and our requirements for the packing and advises you of the services available, depending on your destination in the world. A typical first class move is where we do all the export wrapping and packing of your goods for air or sea transport, at the same time making a careful inventory list of your contents. There after the goods are loaded into sea container which will be sealed at your door and delivered to the port for immediate despatch to the country of your destination. Cleaning services can be supplied by a trusted cleaner, thus leaving the house / apartment in tip-top shape for the next occupant. Our representative at the destination will then arrange for customs clearance of the shipment and liase with you about on a suitable date and time for delivery to your new home. At the time of delivery the goods will be placed in the correct room, be unwrapped and unpacked and the packing debris removed.

Most of our colleagues around the globe also offer relocation services and important local information, Please ask NovaTrans for more details.

How does Door to Port work? Perhaps you are moving abroad but don’t intent to take lock, stock and barrel with you just yet- and your budget is tight. NovaTrans can than collect the ready packed boxes from your home and take them into store for crating, marking and banding. We organize thereafter the transport of your shipment to the destination of your choice. Well there, you will arrange for clearance yourselves and pick it up from the port or freight terminal.

This is the cheapest way of shipping your goods. You pack them your selves into a seaworthy box, you label it, giving us the weight and dimensions, we collect and have it shipped to the nearest Customs freight terminal at your destination country where you customs clear the goods and pick them up yourselves.

When depositing your goods in our warehouses you can do so with ease of mind. No one can access your belongings except yourselves and we of course. Our warehouse are amongst the most modern and secure and of course heated and located near to the ports.

NovaTrans can also offer you distribution of your goods in the whole of Sweden.

NovaTrans can also offer Customs clearance for all kind of goods, third party logistics in our modern terminals, storage, repacking.

All types of transport insurance can be offered, your key person at NovaTrans will advise.

General Conditions for International Furniture Removal (PDF)

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